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Dye ink for Wide Format

BCinks produces full compatible cartridge series for Canon, HP, Epson, Roland large format printers. The cartridge contains high quality dye or pigment ink, with stable compatible chip, plug and play, easy to use. Our ink is of wide color gamut and high color density, makes it easier to do professional ICC profiles together with printer model and certain media. Our performance and fluidity is similar with OEM ink. Choose BCinks China,Choose quality you can trust.

Particle size distribution

Particle size distribution
Distribution of Particles
  Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Average 0.10mm 0.12mm 0.17mm 0.13mm
100% < 0.6mm < 0.6mm < 0.6mm < 0.6mm

Pigment ink for Wide Format

With high color saturation, high fidelity.

Ultrafiltration, does't clogging spray nozzle.

Weak acid or alkalescent formula, no corrosion problems.

No bleeding, no smear, high print quality.

Quick dry formula, satisfaction at high speed printing.

Water base formula, no toxicity,no chemical hazards.

No heavy metals, no long-term. health problem and

pollution environment.


  • High stability: 3-month long high-low temperature cycle test passed.
  • High fastness and water-resistance.
  • Shining glossy colors, ULTRA BLACK, impressive quick-dry surface.
  • Bigger color gamut, rich color performance.

Product Categories

Bulk Ink For Wide Format Inkjet Ink

Sublimation ink

●Color sharpness, high resolution, lifelike image after transfer.

●High transfer rate.

●Print on plain paper or professional sublimation transfer paper。

●Good scratch resistance and washing resistance。

●Suitable for piezo-electronic printers.

Wall paper ink


● Green ink, safe and clean;

● Any design, print now and get now

● Direct printing on uncoated media

● Long lasting

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