BCinks China: Olympics is Coming!

Date: 2008/7/8 | Click: 16598

Bcinks China: Olympics is Coming!

July 08, 2008

Dear clients,

2008 Olympics is approaching in one month’s time and China is busy preparing for the historical event. Therefore the transportation, customs and everything will be extremely busy and strict, since somewhat Chinese consider Olympics the highest priority. Bcinks China

sincerely reminds you to order enough ink and paper or any other goods you may need from us in advance to be on the safe side. The situation will possibly continue until late September when everything goes back to normal. While during this period of time if you get

any urgent needs, Bcinks China will do its best as usual to provide you no-worry printing solutions. Please feel free to contact our Sales and Marketing team by sending email to sale@inks.com.cn, or call +86 573 8464 1239.