BCinks China Special Latest ink for Art paper ink printing

Date: 2007-8-7 | Click: 20695

Do you think printer can be used as offset machine ? BCinks China can supply you special ink for Art paper ,which you can easily print Art paper with Epson Printer , Easyprinting ,you can print directly on Art paper , This makes your inkjet printer to be an offset machine ,and greatly low down your cost.You should print your name card or advertising paper by yourself ,no matter how many you would like to print, it is very cheaper and convenient.

1,Vivid lifelike color performance ,
2, Waterproof and Lightfastness.
3,Great anti –scratch
4,Excellent printout quality .

Would you like to try ? sample is available , please email to sale@inks.com.cnor call 008657384641239 ext 12 to get more information .