NEW BCINKS DTG TX-100 Textile Pigment ink

Date: 2020/1/10 | Click: 16799

BCINKS released the first Pigment Textile inks in 2008

BCINKS DTG tx-100 Pigment texyile ink was released in 2020

BCinks China is so proud to announce its latest product: the new generation textile printing ink.

Comparing to the old formula, the new generation has excellent adhesion to the print media, including less-coated or no coating surface and materials. We are even trying to print directly on more media with our new generation of textile printing ink.

Comparing to the solvent and eco-solvent ink, BCinks new generation textile ink has no hazard to people’s health or the environment.


The New Generation BCinks Textile Printing Ink is bringing a technical improvement and a better solution to fabric industry.